Community Per Se

Social business folklore tells us that when you stop blogging one-to-many and the 'many' starts talking to each other in the comments, you've created a community. 

This weekend, with the aid of the intuitive, generous, and supportive Laura Day and her Circle, our Sooth community became a real community. When I woke up on Saturday morning, I noticed that the majority of the hundreds of Situations in the Soothstream had received anonymous advice from at least 5 people. It was the perfect launch of our community feature (in beta). People took right to it and shared their complicated situations; and the community weighed in.

I was overwhelmed by people's willingness to be vulnerable and briefly detail complex situations they're wading through. I was equally impressed with the good advice people were giving each other. It's true, people love to give advice. Humanity may indeed be good and as Mark Suster surmised, perhaps the right forum to express yourself with anonymity is useful.

Our exciting takeaway is that Sooth works! It's an incredible feeling to see this happen. Thank you to those that have joined. I encourage more of you to come in.

Because Sooth is about being honest and bearing your soul, it's important that we mention the one thing that has dampened our pride and adrenaline rush. An important member of the Sooth community endured a tragic and senseless accident this weekend. Our very dear friend Keira has been an active supporter of Sooth since it was only a concept. She offered her time and energy to help us in any way possible. She dreamed up ideas on marketing, blogging, securing investors. She acted in our video, she consulted on a moment's notice. Keira is uniquely graceful and giving; an unassuming beauty who resonated with the idea and supported us from the heart. We are sending all our positive energy to her and her family. Keira, you are indefatigable.