Honest advice is hard to find

Here are a few facts about us humans:
1) We don’t make decisions well when we stay in our heads
2) Our friends tell us what we want to hear.
3) We all use social media. And, social media—the very thing that’s supposed to better connect us—more often than not makes us feel more isolated.

I'm inundated by decisions everyday - some mundane, e.g. how do I get my kids to clean up after themselves? Some heady, e.g. what advice should I give my little sister deciding what to do with her life? Some sensitive and complicated... and hard to admit!

I know I'm not alone. Even Gwyneth Patltrow has been in situations where she has to make a tough decision.

Situations are complicated. Decisions are tricky. They paralyze the best of us, and we need sound advice. Honest advice.

But honest advice is hard to find, despite sometimes going viral.

Enter SOOTH.