The Soothstream, a window into the human condition.

We're excited to announce the launch of The Soothstream! Who wants in?

We saw what happened. After becoming used to strategic selfies and perfectly poised Insta pics, it was hard to tell your friends what was really going on. You started to feel like you should have been able to make decisions on your own - without the help of your friends. You wanted to know there were others like you out there-- with complicated situationsprecarious relationshipsdelicate decisions.

You told us you didn't want to jump into the pool alone, so we brought friends. We brought community. We brought comfort.

Don't kid yourself, when we make decisions alone, we make bad decisions. Remember?

"Our brains systematically misjudge what will make us happy." -Dan Gilbert

Now, when you enter Sooth, you're surrounded by other people like you, in need of advice. Read their situations; throw them a lifeline to show them they're not alone (no more likes!). Give them some advice, or read through the advice other people have given them.

Try it. Clarity awaits.

We're looking for only 50 more beta-testers. Click here to join.