Creative Mornings, Happening Friday: January 30th

We're so looking forward to being part of the global discussion of UGLY on Friday morning.

We'll be talking about honest advice, of course, and how ugly it can be. What's so ugly about it? A lot, it turns out... or so we've found it in the last two years. Asking for honest advice and receiving honest advice can be terrifyingly ugly.

Although it's a peculiar kind of ugly: a desirable ugly. We'll explain. In true Sooth style, we'll be talking about the experience from a human point of view with a little bit of science (can't help myself).

Let us know if you're one of the quick-clicking 150 Creatives joining us and tell us what you're interested in exploring.

Also, if you want to be part of the special beta we set up for Creative Mornings, fill this out and we'll set you up.

See you bright and early Friday morning.