SoS, advice lovers

We are so excited to be in the App Store today to kick off SoS: Summer of Sooth. As many of you already know, Sooth was borne out of the conflict, angst, indecision, early and late night (over)thinking in between mothering and career.

When I think about summer, I think of the kids frolicking about... while I’m on on a work call trying to time my spoken segments with each of my children's intermittent needs. They sneak into my office for important things like practice typing their names on the presentation I’m delivering from my laptop, telling me what just happened since I missed it on said work call, asking me for something to eat that ostensibly only I can prepare, needing a hug... I think of how I want to live two lives - these are all things I want to do, hear, see, and help with, and I also want to be on my call. I think of how kids can at once, "make the habitual churning of [one's] mind ease," and yet churn the mind even more.

For these next 12 weeks, Sooth is rising to those 'churns'.  Send out an SOS anytime you need: 

  •  Join - know you’re not alone (or crazy). See yourself reflected in shared stories and struggles of working moms like you.
  •  Give - more than just a place to vent, Sooth is a vehicle for honest advice. Use empathy and intelligence to help each other; encourage progress.
  •  Ask - tell it like it is. Show what it means to be a working mom in the summer. Sooth is a refuge from all the “perfection” of social media, a place where we can let the messy parts show.

Think of Summer of Sooth as a 12 week “life raft,” to help navigate waters that can be extra choppy when kids are out of school. I can't wait to see you in The Soothstream!