Sooth Summer Series on Psychology

I'm thrilled to present the Sooth Summer Series on Psychology, beginning today. Advice is rich with psychology - soliciting advice, giving advice, receiving advice, acting on advice; the motivations for it, explanations for the feelings associated with each of the processes mentioned...

Advice is really the tip of a social psychological iceberg. We want to break down the iceberg and/or let you navigate around it more fluidly.

In this Summer Series, we'll be presenting our favorite psychological constructs to you in accessible and relevant ways. If you've ever fancied yourself a fly on the wall, observing and analyzing what's really going on in a given situation, this Series is for you. You'll learn the terminology for all sorts of funny things we (humans) do, why we do them, and what we can do to prevent any resulting irrational behavior. Ideally these will not only welcome you into the world of social psychology, but help you derive a sense of purpose from the advice you solicit, give and receive on Sooth.