Case One Closed


We’re excited to kick off a new series here on the Sooth blog. Case Closed is our new feature to share stories about community members' adventures with advice on and off the app. We’ll roll it out in phases over the course of the week, kicking off each episode with a little more color than you'd normally see in the situations community members need advice on. Next we’ll share the advice they received both in person and on Sooth. Finally, we’ll wrap up each Case Closed by revealing what the person ended up doing and what happened. Get ready to weigh in, and let us know if you’d like to submit your own adventures.

Our first Case Closed involved a 30 something year old woman questioning her relationship and needing advice. We shared the situation and the advice she received in person and from Sooth. Read on to find out what advice she followed and what happened next.



I agonized over when and how to bring this up again with my boyfriend. The last thing I wanted was to to re-open the wound when we had both moved on. But I didn't want us to walk on eggshells around each other, either. I got up the courage to address it one night and found he was as embarrassed as I was about how he'd behaved (he blamed the stress of moving and some problems at work) and had hoped we could just pretend the whole thing never happened. It was a much better conversation this time around. We did apologize to each other for the way things escalated, and he said that while he, too, hadn't experienced this level of fighting in previous relationships, he took it as a sign of his comfort around me, that he was willing to express himself so fully. I'll try not to make too much of his last comment, which scares me, but I feel a lot better after we at least had one calm and rational conversation about it.