Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Case Closed is our new series that share stories about community members' adventures with advice on and off the app. Feel free to weigh in and let us know if you’d like to submit your own adventures.

Our newest Case Closed involved a woman unsure in her person and the passion with her husband. She made several choices and needed the advice of others to help her figure out her path. Read along below to find out what she decided to do and what happened. 



Although no one came out and directly said it-- especially my friends, I decided to tell my husband. I couldn’t live with myself harboring such a big secret. I don’t believe ignorance is bliss. But now I also question whether there’s any bliss in knowledge. He was shocked and hurt and mad and scary. I regretted telling him and kept telling myself the long term benefits would be worth the pain. Everyone told me sharing would bring about more intimacy! It wasn’t happening. There was so much pain... and I started resenting him for being in pain, yet oblivious to the pain I started to see caused me to do what I did and think what I thought- my pain in being lonely in the relationship. We’re still working through things. It’s definitely caused a rift, but we’re evaluating our relationship and figuring out what we can do to mend. I feel proud of my decision to tell him but unprepared for all the work I’m having to do on myself and my relationship. I never thought I’d be in therapy talking about my own issues. It’s so much easier to blame others.