Family Resolved

Our latest Case Closed involved a woman stuck between in-laws. The situation was tricky, but with the help of our community she was able to move forward and keep the peace among the family.



After mulling over the advice I finally decided to approach each parent separately. I offered them the chance to come for different celebrations and expressed my concerns over their behavior. They were both seemed to be caught a little off guard, as if I was fabricating the situation- which we all know is not true. My husband stood by my side and we presented our concerns as a unified team, which I think helped our cause. My son’s birthday party happened last weekend with zero incident. Both parents attended (plus the step-mother-in-law) and managed to keep their distance and let our little guy shine as the true star of the party. I tend to not want to make a scene or confrontations with family, but I’m glad I spoke up and said something. Hopefully this will be a sign for things to come in future events.