The Sooth Code of Conduct

Have empathy,

Aim to have a meaningful thoughtful exchange; and,

Challenge assumptions respectfully.


Getting good advice requires vulnerability from the asker and honesty from the advisor. Be respectful of each of these difficult positions when you participate. It will make for a far more meaningful experience and create real value.

Be authentic, productive, and respectful of diversity.
Personal attacks are not acceptable; users responsible for attacking anyone’s situations or advice will be removed from the community. It’s mean, unproductive, and inconsiderate. Sooth users are thoughtful and considerate. Try to drop all pretense and participate free of the tendency toward self-promotion and narcissism

Do not JUDGE, harass, disrespect, attack.

Do not waste time speculating on the identity of users; appreciate the anonymity as a means to focus on what matters: the situation at hand.  

We’re all chasing good advice and as a Sooth community, will learn what “good advice” means. Pay close attention to what good advice means to you. Sometimes advice will be based on experience, other times based on gut instincts, sometimes noticing aspects of your situation you hadn’t considered, challenging your inclinations; other times validating your intuition.