Support FAQs

What do I do if I can't find my password?

Go to the login screen and click forgot password. You'll receive an email from Sooth Support right away to reset your password.

Will my friends know it's me asking for advice?

Yes. When you ask specific friends for advice they will receive an email from Sooth that says [Your Name] needs your help. They will see the category of situation you're having (work, self, friendship, romance), but NOT the details. They'll click through to a link where only they can see the details you wrote. They are informed what Sooth is and how it works prior to clicking through.

Won't I be able to tell which friend has given which advice?

You'll be surprised! Although you likely know your friends very well, you've never given them the option to speak to you with their voice masked. Psychological research shows that people act, speak, and write very differently in these anonymized situations, or as we say in psychology, deindividuated. You're likely asking for advice on an issue that you feel vulnerable about. Chances are when you receive the advice, you'll be more focused on the information than you are on author identification. By the way, academics have devoted their careers to author identification based on language. Gender and age are pretty well detected, but pinpointing specific people is harder than you think.

How do I choose specific friends to ask advice and make sure no one else sees it?

When you click on the Ask tab in the Nav bar, you'll be directed to choose whether you want to ask specific friends or the Sooth Community. If you select specific friends, after you complete the form describing your situation, you'll see an option to enter email addresses manually or via gmail/ yahoo import. Select as many friends as are relevant to your specific situation. You have to select at least 3 and can always add 2 at a time more after you've sent out the situation. You can also decide later to post anonymously in The Soothstream.

How do I filter my Soothstream?

At the top of the Soothstream, you'll see icons resembling Work, Family, Friendship, Romance, and Self. Select one or many to see related content. Colors indicate the emotion associated with a given situation, e.g. red = negative; green = positive.

Why don't I see the same situations in my feed as others?

The algorithm that powers Sooth figures out which content will be most relevant to you, based on your advice-giving and advice-requesting style.

Additional Q's?

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