Kate Niederhoffer: Co-Founder and power user of Sooth due to an inherent inability to make a decision without researching every possibility. 
Kate received her Ph.D. in Social Psychology with the illustrious James Pennebaker at The University of Texas at Austin. Soon after, she left academia for the hallowed start-up scene at BuzzMetrics where, upon acquisition she became Director of Measurement Science at Nielsen Online. She was a founding member of Dachis Group (now Sprinklr), at the time, the first and leading social business consultancy. Kate is an expert in bridging business and psychology with specialty in text analysis, social intelligence technologies.

Lucy Price: Co-Founder
Lucy is the ultimate entrepreneur: a combination of expert in international relations, designer, hotelier, and restaurater. She is the founder of Auberge Saint Antoine, the award-winning, premiere boutique hotel in Canada, built from scratch with zero previous industry experience. Lucy also founded Waterfall Bath which she sold to Artistic Tile, 2011.